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The story


Aye Stitchin'...

My business began when I was 18. I was studying at my local college to gain a HNC in Early Education and Childcare. Part of my course work was to produce a Story Sack - a bag containing a child's favourite book with other materials to enhance the reading experience for the child. From this I developed Peedie Dreams - 'A Peedie Bag for a Peedie Person, Fulfilling Peedie Dreams.' From this I diveresed into a range of other products for children.  I received a lot of support from my family and friends to help this venture expand. Business Gateway were great, they provide a range of free courses to develop your business which I have attended a few.

From this I wanted to develop a ‘Orkney’ range of gifts. I developed this range with my cousin, she drew each of the designs individually and I transferred these into stitch. I felt that ‘Peedie Dreams’ name suited my children’s products but not my home ware products and this is where Aye Stitchin’ has appeared from in 2015.

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